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Kazakhstan: Presidential Address

The President of Kazakhstan in his Address to the Nation sets new tasks in the development of the country.

The Republic of Kazakhstan, a country with a rich history and heritage, is once again on the threshold of accomplishing new tasks announced in the Address of its head – President Kasym-Jomart Tokayev. The document contains important accents concerning key aspects of life of the country and its population.

President Kasym-Jomart Tokayev

The peculiarity of the current Address is that Mr. Tokayev sets the tasks to be solved in the next 6 years. The main principles of the new economic course will be “fairness, inclusiveness and pragmatism”. Among the main outlines of the upcoming economic transformation, an important task is the formation of a solid industrial framework of the country.

Social development is also central to the message. President Tokayev emphasized the importance of improving the quality of education and health care, which contributes to the creation of a sustainable society with a high standard of living. Tokayev said that teachers’ salaries have been doubled since 2020. The pay of doctors, whose incomes have become significantly higher than the national average, has also increased significantly.



The head of state visited Prometheus School, Almaty


An important task is to turn Kazakhstan into an IT-country. The Republic is already among the world leaders in the index of development of electronic government and financial technologies. The task is to bring the export of IT-services up to one billion dollars by 2026. In addition, it is necessary to create attractive conditions, including preferences for attracting investment in the construction of large data centers and promoting Kazakhstan’s interests in data storage and processing.


Shardara reservoir


Bukhtarminskaya GRES

The President also emphasizes the need to respect nature, in particular, the sustainable use of water resources. According to Mr. Tokayev, water resources are no less important for Kazakhstan than oil, gas or metals. On his instructions, a separate Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation has been established for the effective development of the water management system, and the National Hydrogeological Service will be reconstituted.

Taking into account geopolitical changes and challenges, President Tokayev expressed Kazakhstan’s desire to develop foreign relations and strengthen friendly ties with the world community. This is an important signal of the country’s readiness to play an active role in the world arena. The Trans-Caspian route should become an important element in strengthening the transit potential of the country. In the medium term, the volume of transportation along this corridor can be increased five times.

Trans-Caspian international transport route

The message of the President of Kazakhstan sets important tasks before the people of the country and reminds them of the value of stability, development and cooperation as factors in ensuring the well-being and prosperity of the country in the future. The Republic continues its path to strengthening, and this message is a testament to the determination of the country and its leader to move forward, looking to the future with optimism and hope.


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