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Pope’s visit to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan will gather a record number of delegations of the world and traditional religions

Less than a month is left before the VII Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan. The expectation of the world community of this event is also confirmed by the fact that the current event can gather a record number of delegations – 130 delegations from 60 countries.

Holding the Congress this year seems more necessary than ever before, including due to new geopolitical challenges and the increasingly growing confrontation of religious institutions.                        

The shelling at a mosque in Australia, clashes in Montenegro, terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, Nigeria, and Pakistan, and the war in Ukraine and Syria are still fresh in my memory.

Bearing in mind that representatives of Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists, as well as 40 different faiths and denominations, cohabit peacefully in Kazakhstan, it seems logical and justified to want to discuss and seek solutions to these vital issues, especially religious ones, in the heart of Central Asia – Kazakhstan.

Pope’s visit to Kazakhstan

The Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Nur-Sultan has long claimed to be the main dialogue platform for establishing a bridge between religions.

Kazakhstan, a common home of peace and harmony for more than 130 ethnic groups and where about 3,200 mosques, churches, prayer houses, and about 4,200 religious associations operate, has assumed the interaction function of all world clergy with full responsibility and determination. Therefore, this country has become a kind of “hub” of beliefs.

It is essential to emphasize the uniqueness of each Congress held earlier. The first-ever common strategic documents between religions have been adopted. A Council of Religious Leaders has been established, which ensures dialogue and cooperation with other international organizations. The first steps towards the global digitalization of common ideas, through the creation of a single electronic portal G-Global, are also noted.

Representatives of different faiths in Kazakhstan

In addition, the VII Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions expects the participation of Pope Francis I, who will hold a Holy Mass in the open air. And this event is considered to be perhaps the most anticipated among adherents of the Catholic faith.

In a word, the upcoming Congress already includes significant events. But, of course, the main thing will be the dialogue of religions and cultures itself, as a tool for finding the consensus that everyone needs.

Published 7 September 2022


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